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Patio help!

I want to put patio pavers over existing concrete. We have paver base and paver sand but I'm unsure of where to start. We have our pavers but do we put paver base down to lock the outside paver in first? We have to put pavers on the sides of the concrete too. Should we wait to put those on?any help and suggestions are welcome!!!
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Posted 2011-06-19T14:22:22+0000  by Csystmrocks Csystmrocks

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After you have drawn out a pattern, and thoroughly cleaned the surface of the cement – now it’s time to get started.


  • First I suggest installing the outside border.  Use landscaping adhesive to secure the pavers in place.  This will add stability for the center pavers.  Make sure to evenly space each paver before moving ahead.  Allow them to dry over night before proceeding.



  • Next, lay down a layer of paver sand all over the remaining cement slab.  This will give the pavers a firm structure to set down onto.   Remember to make the sand level and smooth before laying any pavers down.  Start from the farthest point and work in one direction - in rows.  Push the pavers into the sand one at a time using a level to check them against each other.



  • Lastly, fill in the gaps with the rest of the sand – making sure it is sufficiently packed down to reduce any movement.  Sweep any excess sand off when finished.


Now you’re ready to enjoy your creation.

Posted 2011-06-19T18:55:28+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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