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Patio pavers - circular pattern

Dear H Dep community,


I have had tremendous success with the forum and the many DIY projects I have completed at our house. My next project involves installing a patio in the back yard in a circular pattern.  A link to my pattern is included below:


The patio will be in a circular shape and I was wondering where I could purchase these shaped/design pavers?







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Posted 2011-05-11T14:19:01+0000  by Paddy77 Paddy77

Hello Sunsetss,


Welcome to the community.


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.


Great news our supplier Pavestone carries a circle pattern in stock at their Las Vegas plant. This is the plant that most of the west coast receives their orders from.


I called them to verify that all of the Los Angeles base Home Depot could get it and they said yes but it would have to be special ordered.


It’s called the Plaza IV Circle Pack. Here is a link to their web site so you can get all of the specifics before you go into your local Home Depot.                                            Plaza-IV-Circle-Oaks-Blend.jpg

I hope this has given you the information that you were looking for.


Please post some picture of your beautiful backyard once you lay your pavers. I can’t wait to see how awesome they look.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.

Posted 2012-10-03T23:18:09+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

I am also trying to find a circular kit in the Orlando Florida area.  any help would greatly be appreciated

Posted 2012-11-14T19:04:41+0000  by bbottom19

Hello Bbottom19,


Welcome to the community.


Well I called the manufacture that I’ve listed in the previous post and they do not supply your area so I called one of our stores in the Orlando area and spoke with a Pro Desk associate and he stated that their local supplier is Oldcastle.


I contacted them and confirmed that they do have a circle pattern and that they are available in your area. Here is a link to their website so that you can check out their circle pattern since it’s a little different than PaveStones.

OldCastle Pavers.jpg


So I think your best bet would be to visit the Pro Desk at your local Home Depot and ask them to call Oldcastle for the pricing and availability.


Let me know how everything turns out.


Come back to the community and add some pictures to the “I did this” section. I would love to see pictures of your project.  


Posted 2012-11-14T20:29:34+0000  by Christine_HD_OC



I live in Northwest Florida, and I am trying to build a circular patio in my backyard.  I've seen Plaza IV from PaveStone, and a few others, but what I'd really like to find is a circle kit that has a less "tunbled' or rusticated look.  Surfaces and edges like Holland Pavers (but cut for a circle kit) would be great, but I'd consider anything in between too.  Is there anything you guys know of that might fit the bill?


Thanks in advance!

Posted 2014-01-11T18:39:41+0000  by Pcolapaver
I always tell people, draw it up on paper first. Here in Pittsburgh, the northern climate can get fridgid.
But make sure you have a solid compacted foundation before layer any pavers! We have a How To video on our website for DIYer's here in the area. 

Circular shapes also require cutting the pavers, for a do it your selfer, i recommend just a hand grinder with a cut off wheel.

Hope this helps!  
Posted 2017-03-24T13:17:12+0000  by Damicos
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