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Paver Patio Advice

We have a small backyard and are having someone lay pavers for us. I'd love to have ground cover in between the pavers. I've always loved the look. My question is...will we have problems with chairs falling in between? Is there an optimum spacing we should have between? I'd love some opinions...Thanks!209065607671732898_KruBX0Gj_f.jpg

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Posted 2012-06-04T01:13:00+0000  by laura616 laura616

Hi Laura,


I'm Travis from The Home Depot in Atlanta. Welcome to The Community!!!


I also envy a patio with just the right amount of moss that grows between the paver stone. I think of that every time I spray RoundUp between the pavers in my patio.


I like to refer to it as "Murphy's Law of Landscape". If you don't want it, it will grow. If you want it, it won't grow. Sometimes, when you want a certain amount of growth, the plant takes over the entire area.


Low growing moss can be an effective erosion control, but might become a slippery floor. High traffic areas may be a challenge for moss or groundcover to survive.


The optimum spacing between the pavers will depend on the firmness of the underlying soil. Firm soil will allow for wider spacing. Larger stepping stones can be spaced further apart than small pavers. Loose soil will settle unevenly, creating an uneven patio surface. Always apply leveling sand and tamp the base before installing pavers.


There is something to be said for allowing nature to decorate our patio. I remember the fantastic bed of coleus plants in the drain basin of my family's greenhouse from all of the pinched tips that found their way there.Coleus1.jpg


But I digress...


Natural selection is a process that takes time and patience. Time is free, and patience is priceless!




Posted 2012-06-05T17:08:43+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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