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Paver Patio Project...then came rain

I've done my research, and last year I successfully extended this patio 2 ' on 2 of the sides.  Now, I am again extending one side of the patio (10' x 6'), the side patio area for the grill (4' x 4') and a curved walkway (3' x 10').  We rented a tamper machine this morning, and tampered the dirt.  We poured the paver gravel and started using the tamper...then the rain came!  I need quick answers because it costs a total of  $85 to rent the tamper for 24 hours.  The rain has stopped at this point, but looks like more might hit us later today.  The gravel is wet, but no water is standing at this time.  My question is, should I keep using the tamper while I can, and try to finish the project before more rain comes? 

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Posted 2012-06-19T18:47:53+0000  by luvmyard luvmyard

Hi luvmyard,


Welcome to the community and thank you for your question.  The circumstance that you are potentially dealing with is not the moisture from the rain, but rather the amount of rain you may get.  Too much rain and it could wash away all your hard work.  I would compact as much or all of the desired area and then cover it up with a tarp to prevent excess water from getting into your area.  A little moisture while compacting can be a good thing, but too much is not.   


Did you rent a “Plate Vibrator” or an upright “Ramming Compactor”?  Both are good tools to use but the Plate Vibrator works best in your application.  I hope that the rain holds off long enough for you to get your project finished.


Vibrating Compactor.jpg      wacker rammer compactor.jpg


This has been another of,

Posted 2012-06-19T21:50:13+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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