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Peeling paint on "cloth like" textured walls

I teach in an old school and my walls are peeling from too much humidity. Because I am not a fan of the school colors, I have to repaint my room myself if I want to choose something different. My first question is how to get the old peeling paint off. It is peeling badly. but due to the texture of the wall I am scared I may damage the wall by scrapping. The texture is like what you would see in weaved fabric. It is fine, but looks like a mesh screen was put on the dry wall and then painted over. My second question is what primer is the best to use in a high humidity environment. 
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Posted 2018-05-10T19:09:27+0000  by teachgirl teachgirl
HI teachgirl,

Sounds like the fabric was used to cover cracks in the plaster wall and painted over. Since this is an old building the danger in scraping off the old paint is the possibility of lead exposure for you and your students. 

Talk to your schools maintenance department before doing any work on the walls. In addition the moisture issue must be resolved or the new paint will peal as well.

Posted 2018-05-10T22:29:06+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

In far by gone days, it was common to hang a canvas over brand new plaster, which was then painted over. It was intended that over the years, after a build up of many coats of paint, the whole canvas could simply be pulled off the wall, leaving the virgin plaster underneath. The plaster could then either be canvased again, or the plaster washed clean of the old wallpaper paste, and then primed and painted. Either way, this is a lot of work.
Normally, damaged areas would be cut out and removed and either simply patched and primed and painted, or a new piece of canvas would be "double cut" to fit exactly into the patched areas. The new patch would be primed and painted. At 75 years of age, I am unfortunately old enough to have experienced this type of procedure  :(
Posted 2018-05-21T16:51:48+0000  by ordjen
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