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Peeling paint on textured wall

We had a rocking chair to close to the wall and it peeled off the paint down to the plaster. How do we get the texture back to make a repair on the wall?

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Posted 2013-09-02T05:52:59+0000  by familyintheham familyintheham




I prefer to use drywall compound when patching on textured walls. The advantage of drywall compound is that after the damaged area  has been filled in and sanded, a dampened sponge can then be used to blend th patched area into the existing texture. Drywall compound will re-dissolve when wipe with a dampened sponge, unlike pre-mixed vinyl patch spackling compounds. The spackling compounds leave a discernable edge where your spackle knife started and stopped. Mere sanding will not get rid of the edge , since the compound has filled the valleys of the texture.


Once the patched area  has been blended into the surrounding texture, it can then be sprayed with texturing spray from a spraycan. You should practice your spray technique on a piece of cardboard before committing to the wall.


After the texture material has dried, you need to prime and paint the patch. Hopefully you still have some of the original paint. If not, your Home Depot paint associate can match the color if you bring him/her a sample of the color about the size of a quarter. They can have the computer generate a match formula.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-09-02T06:19:22+0000  by ordjen
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