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Pendant Lights

I would like to connect two pendant lights to one existing junction box.  Is that possible?  The existing box (with two bulbs) is above a bathroom vanity mirror, and while the pendant lights are meant to hang from the ceiling, I would like to connect them to the wall and have them hang from the ceiling via everyday hooks.

Thank you!

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Posted 2018-02-12T05:11:52+0000  by Kevbot Kevbot
Hello Kevbot.  Welcome to the Community!

Pendant lights come in a wide variety of designs.  Those which are suspended by multiple ropes, segmented rods or by their own power cords do not seem to be good candidates for what you want to accomplish.  I can see how you could use a pair of lights which are suspended by ornamental chains as a possibility.  I am hoping you have something like this:

This design can be adapted into the swag type of lighting you are looking for.  You would use only one of the cover plates.  Cut the finial off the second chain and use a hook to hang it onto the first lights chain.  Both power leads could feed into the junction box.  With this design you could use ceiling hooks to hang the chain up where you want it.


Posted 2018-02-13T17:30:08+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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