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Perennial Cutting Garden

Planting ideas for next year!

It seems the summer is truly flying by here in the northeast!


 It feels like summer has just arrived..…but I am now stocking the shelves of The Home Depot garden benches with the beautiful, but dreaded autumn mums!


I have always said that mums are like the corduroy and flannel of the plant family, you don’t want to think about them because it means cooler  temperatures are is coming our way!


I have totally enjoyed the beautiful days of summer this year; and my perennial beds have also thrived this season. I have found much joy in cutting, arranging, and bringing the fresh blossoms of my perennial garden inside.


Looking at flowers that you have grown in a simple arrangement is very satisfying, and not to mention totally free. Well not really free, if you count the time, and energy, that you put into your garden; weeding, trimming and watering…..that is even more reasons to bring your glorious efforts indoors to gaze upon and enjoy!


This arrangement consists of: Tall Garden Phlox, Purple Cone Flower, Russian Sage, Autumn Joy Sedum, Bee Balm, Gay Feather, Fern, Dill and Sweet Pea!

I always make my arrangement outside, to check on, and remove any bugs or spiders they may be looking for a free ride indoors!



I am thinking now about what varieties of perennials I would like to see in a vase next summer!


We would love to see your garden arrangements!


Plant some plans for a cutting garden in your life, some perennial varieties  will come back year after year in containers too!!


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Posted 2014-08-21T17:23:01+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS