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Perennial Peace

Putting perennial gardens to bed for the winter is bittersweet, watching a favorite green, leafy, companion begin to shrivel, die-back and disappear until next season is always a bit sad….but like a true friend, perennials will return next season to fill up your spring, summer, and autumn landscape.

Perennials are gardeners lean on friends; they show up with no announcement popping their heads through the earth when the soil temperature is just right, perennials are reliable and dependable and they are always welcome….. the traits we all desire in a good friend!

Some perennials come back with a bonus of a fuller, bigger plant; some will have off shoots, providing a wider and or taller coverage with many more blossoms, which will produce seeds and more plants, and larger root systems, and so on….and so on, perennials keep on giving!

Perennial plant roots can be divided, seeds can be collected from dried flower heads and pods, tubers and corms can be split; all to create new plants to be placed and planted in new locations of the garden, or to be given away and shared with neighbors, family and friends. 

Last week, on the day the calendar changed from summer to fall, I had the wonderful opportunity to walk the fields of “The Plant Group”, one of The Home Depots premium perennial providers.

It was indeed a special day! Walking the perennial fields on the 50-acre farm with fellow Home Depot associates, and vendor support/service people, along with the incredible, knowledgeable, passionate, perennial experts of the Plant Group staff was such a treat!…Viewing next year’s crops, and listening to the process of production and growth, was enlightening, a magical day for all us plant geeks......It truly was perennial peace!

Seeing next season’s hosta plants thriving under the giant oak trees, has me anticipating next year’s garden season already. All of the hosta plants will be cut back right in their pots to winter over, allowing for premium root growth, and then the plants are shipped to Home Depots across New England in the spring.

The "growing" interest and the trending plants of the year are ornamental and Native Grasses, we saw so many beautiful specimens, we were also schooled on the increase of the installation of native grasses in commercial landscape, and it is now trending to residential gardens.

Some perennial fields are put to bed for the winter under a frost cloth, their roots are above the soil line as they are field grown in containers for the earliest of spring time shipments. Miles of rolled frost fabric is waiting to be unbound to cover the fields.

Pots and plant racks stand empty until next season; the amount of containers that will be planted, and plant racks to be filled with shipments of seasonal perennials is mind-boggling!

Just like returning perennials, our plant partners at The Plant Group will return next year shipping new and exciting varieties of perennials, and of course delivering all of the old, stand by favorite premium perennial plants that we have come to expect, and welcome, as the sign of a new season of possibilities.

Thank you to everyone at The Plant Group for hosting a wonderfully, memorable event!

We are all looking forward to the next season, we look forward to our perennial plants, and our perennial Plant Group friends!

Wishing a good winters rest,


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