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Permanently removing toilet and sealing off a toilet drain

I was wondering what part of removing a toilet and sealing off the drain is good practice and what is code. 
I live in California. 
I have a toilet I am removing from grade, and the  old soil stack is steel going through the slab (and a bit into foundation footing as were the times).  
So, how short do I have to cut it for the inspectors to be happy, and how do I have to seal it for the inspectors to be happy if at all?
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Posted 2017-08-31T16:04:49+0000  by MariaBerkeley MariaBerkeley
Howdy Maria Berkeley,

The idea of building/plumbing codes can be a bit tricky, but really it is not. These codes are regulations for home and business safety standards.

With that said, building codes can vary by state, county, and or local code requirements. Note; these codes can be subject to change and perhaps not be up to date online. This is why trying to find out codes over the internet, can be next to impossible to know.

The good news is your local building and safety department can give you the answers much more reliably than any website could. You could also hire a local licensed contractor to do this for you which is the most common practice.

happy plumbing,
Coach Dave

Posted 2017-08-31T17:15:16+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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