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Phone jack with DSL

Hi everyone! I hope someone can help me with this, I am so frustrated right now. I've had some issues with my DSL for several months. I've had Century Link come out and check the exterior line to make sure it was okay, and they said it was fine. My internet kept dropping the line the other day so I called Century Link, he said there was MAJOR interference on my line.  So, I decided to take the phone jack off the wall and have a look, what a nightmare!  I have 2 larger grey wires inside the wall, each has a bundle of blue with white dashes, white with blue dashes, orange with pink (?) dashes, white with orange dashes, green with white dashes and a white with green dashes. House was built in the early 70's. Then on one of these "bundles" of wires was a red, green, yellow and black wire spliced and taped to the center of the blue with white and the white with blue. I should mention that I DO NOT have a home phone, it's just for DSL. I don't think the yellow and black wires were actually attatched to anything.  I picked these up to look and they fell apart. The red, green, yellow and black wires hit the floor. Goodbye DSL. It was gone.  I went to Walmart tonight to buy a new jack and after I finally got the wires hooked up to the right bundle fo wires, I have internet again, BUT it's slower than the old dial up was way back when.  I had no connection until I spliced the green with white dashes to the other green with white dashes (in the other little bunch of wires) and did the same to the white with green dashes. I'm sorry if this makes no sense. I've got a tech coming to replace the jack on Monday. I guess my question is what did I do to my DSL?  Why is it suddenly so slow? (Really slow!)  And what are the green/white and white/green wires for?  I've searched and can't find any reference to these colors but I had no internet connection until I spliced them. And why do I have 2 of the exact same sets of wires in the wall? (When I hooked the jack up to the first bunch it didn't work) Do I need to connect the other bunch of wires too?  Is that why my internet is so slow?

Please help! I'd like to save the money if possible and cancel the repair on Monday. But I also want my internet to work like it should.  It's supposed to be the fastest DSL offered. Thank you!!

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Posted 2013-01-17T11:58:30+0000  by Sheila68 Sheila68

Howdy Sheila 68,


Welcome to the Home Depot Community. This is the place where we ask questions, answer questions, and give opinions.

When dealing with; electrical,plumbing,gas, and local building codes it is essential to get competent help. I share your frustration (as do many others) when trying to figure out wiring in todays technology.


Most  professionals could spend hours trying to figure out which wires go where. Usually they end up running new wiring and leave the old ones. This is a situation where I would hire a licensed professional for three reasons;


1) Safety is always a main concern when dealing with any wiring. For this reason alone a professional is a good idea.


2) If  the wiring doesn't come out right, you have recourse for the licensed electrician to make it right.


3) No license means no guarantee or insurance in case of damage or permit needed.



Another option could be to get cable connection. It might even be less expensive to get a package deal and cable is a much faster bitrate.


I've always heard you can't skimp on; electricals, doctors, and mayonaise. Money spent wisely is money well spent.



Have a Safe and great day,


Posted 2013-01-17T23:12:17+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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