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Pipe threding

Does Home Depot offer FREE pipe treading service to its customers like what Lowers offer.  This is mentioned in the Lowes website but I don't see anything like that in the Home depot website.  Is this something Home Depot will match?


This is the exact text in the Lowes website

“Lowe's offers free pipe threading and cutting for any size galvanized or black iron pipe. The process involves a machine-based cutting operation with a metal wheel that creates threads in the ends of pipes. This service is specifically designed to both thread and cut pipes. No blade is involved in the process. This service is just another way Lowe's is improving home improvement”

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Posted 2016-04-14T20:40:11+0000  by NSILVA NSILVA
Thanks for the great question NSILVA,

In the Plumbing Department of almost every Home Depot store is a pipe thread cutter for both black pipe and galvanized pipe.

Alongside are the lengths of pipe and the nipples, angled turns, stops, and almost any other fitting you need for everyday pipe applications.

Once you go into the larger commercial-size pipe our supply becomes more limited.

These larger specialty pipes are available from plumbing supply houses in your area.

But for everyday applications you can always get your local Plumbing Associate to cut and thread to length.

If you have a cut list, check in with your local Plumbing Associate or Pro Desk and make arrangements for the pipe to be cut to order.

You may be asked to purchase your supplies before they are cut.
Posted 2016-04-14T20:54:48+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
What is the official HD policy?.  My HD is saying that yes they will cut the pipe and thread it but then I have to purchase the cut / therede pipe at more than double the price. Say I buy a 10 foot black pipe for $10 and want to get it cut and threaded in to two five foot sections. Now they want me to purchase the two 5 foot lengths at $2 per foot which makes the cut / threaded pipe  double the price.

I want to know what the HD official policy is. 
Posted 2016-04-15T21:35:28+0000  by NSILVA
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