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Plant of the Week: Croton Petra



For all the apartment dwellers and condo owners who do not have the outdoor living space, or a spot to plop down a harvest mum who are seeking a little autumn color, I suggest a Croton Petra.


The Croton Petra is a colorful tropical houseplant here in the northeast, in southern regions the Croton can be planted in the landscape.


The Croton boasts all the beautiful hues of the fall season: yellow, orange, red, and green are splashed across each leaf, making the plant a perfect accent to any Autumn décor palette!


Crotons require a high, high light source growing environment to ensure they keep the vibrant colors of their showy leaves…. the more light, the more variegation!


The soil should be kept evenly moist, if the soil is too wet the leaves will wilt, and if the soil is allowed to dry out, the leaf edges will turn brown and fall off. Misting daily, along with regular watering, is a great way to keep the humidity level up.


The optimum temperature for a Croton to thrive in is 60 degrees at night, and at least 70 degrees during the day, a cold dry breeze is certain death for these tropical plants.


Stop by your local Home Depot garden department seek out the tropical plant Croton Petra, bring the colors of the harvest into your home!

Watch the video at this link to see more varieties and complete care tips!


Enjoy the season,  Maureen


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Posted 2016-10-04T13:31:03+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS