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Plant of the Week: Mountain Laurel


Of all the broad-leaf, flowering evergreens, the Mountain Laurel is my favorite!


The Mountain Laurel bush is understated; it always grows in the shadows of something, or at the base of another, larger, plant….. Off in the shady, shadows, and is happy to be there, and blooms beautifully where nothing else will!


The flowers of the Mountain Laurel, I believe, are very special; they are the last to bloom, in the showy broad-leaf evergreen procession of flowering shrubs in the Northeast.



The young buds of the Mountain Laurel look like bunches of tiny balloons.




Small flowers make up a cluster bloom, the individual flowers remind me of ‘pinwheels’, they are very intricate and detailed, if you take the time to examine them. 


The color variations are spectacular!


Pruning is not necessary, in fact it doesn't like to be pruned, it is a polite, slow grower  it grows away from other plants, and it benefits from hand removal of spent flowers.


Overall the Mountain Laurel is an exceptional shrub:


Beautiful dark green, shiny evergreen leaves,


Slow growing,


Hardy in zones 5-9


Flourishes in partial sun, to shade,


Loves acidic, moist, sandy, loamy or clay soil


Flowers late June thru July


Attracts butterflies and is deer resistant



The Mountain Laurel is a magnificent shrub, if there is a shady spot in your landscape where nothing else will grow, plant a little magic, plant a Mountain Laurel then sit back and relax… is totally worth the wait!    Maureen

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Posted 2015-06-11T18:21:21+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS

Hey Maureen,

Mountain Laurel happens to be my favorite flower! 

Probably for the simple fact that whenever I travel and go hiking to various places in higher altitudes, I always have a great experience already and then I see this little flower.

Here's one of my favorite pics I've ever taken with one of my hiking friends several years ago, the mtn. laurel really are great to photograph!

Posted 2015-06-13T15:30:42+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
Greetings Chris,
Thank you for sharing that great photo!

Yes, Mountain Laurel will bloom in the dense shade, it is always a welcomed surprise to come across growing and flowering along a deep woods path, Mother Nature is amazing!     Maureen

Posted 2015-06-16T17:40:10+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
Hello, I realize I'm very late to this discussion, but I'm looking for a Texas Mountain Laurel for my home and am wondering if there is a way to find a Home Depot that sells it (without calling every individual store in the area). Do you know? Thanks!
Posted 2017-03-23T17:09:31+0000  by RORR
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