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Plant of the Week: Peegee Hydrangea


The Peegee Hydrangea is not just the plant of the week it is the plant of the season!

I feel that the Peegee hydrangea is the most romantic of all flowering shrubs. At this time of year the flower clusters start out a snowy white, with a slight tinge of green; a fresh welcomed sight after all the annuals are starting to fade and go a paler shade of that which they began.


The Peegee hydrangea weathers the summer heat and drought, and then comes out fresh to begin its chameleon like progress of color changes. Each hue a perfect complement to itself, as the blossoms mature they change from white to cream- to a pink, a sort of rose gold pink, and then to a deep mauve and then to a copper brown all the while pushing out fresh new white clusters.

I feel that the Peegee hydrangea is the Jane Austin of the garden…classic, brilliant, stands the test of time, ever evolving, but remaining the same and near and dear to many a heart.

The long, arching, woody, branches of the PeeGee hydrangea hold a conical shaped flower cluster that can measure anywhere from 6-18 inches long, they blossoms are simply spectacular, and can be dried for a winter long show in wreaths and arrangements.

September color on Peegee Hydrangea in a wedding arrangement

The Peegee loves the sun but will survive with some shade as well, it adapts to many growing situations, grows along well with mature trees and their root systems. The bush really does not require much maintenance, cutting the blossoms helps to keep the shape and alleviates the weight on the thin wooden stems. a mature bush can stand from 8 to 10 to 12 feet high, very impressive!

Once established the Peegee hydrangea will re-bloom for decades and even centuries…a true old fashioned favorite, certainly my most favorite of all :-)


Click on this link and find a great resource for purchasing a wide variety of hydrangea and all the information to help them thrive!

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Posted 2018-08-16T18:31:47+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS