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Plant of the Week: Tiger Lily


Tiger Lily:


Hemerocallis fulva: This common day lily is known by many names: roadside lily, ditch lily, outhouse lily, railroad lily; it goes by many names because it grows in so many places; I have always called it a tiger lily.


Tiger lilies are not fussy they don’t require any specific growing conditions; I have seen them grow up out of cracks in concrete, where there is no visible soil. More sun than shade will produce more blooms that is all they need.


Day lilies are just that, each flower blooms for one day and then it is finished, folding its bright sunny face and giving way for the next bud to open and shine.


It is remarkable to me that I have never seen anyone plant these tall, striking lily bulbs.


Tiger lilies starts do not come in with all the fall or spring planting corms, tubers and bulbs. It seems that they are share among gardeners for generations in clumps from one garden to the next; or they transplant themselves. In some states they are on the invasive plant list.


They have been around ever since I can remember, as a child they were everywhere, in every yard…..the common day lily! 


Look around, from late spring to early summer these bright orange daylilies grow where no other plant could, or would tolerate the conditions.


Stop and enjoy the flowers,    Maureen






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Posted 2015-07-21T16:08:04+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS