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Plant of the Week: Winterberry

Winterberry, Ilex verticillata is now subtly showing its true colors in the gardens of New England. The deciduous holly thrives in the shadows of the garden the deep glossy green leaves will fall once the temperature begin to fall as well exposing the beautiful, vibrant, fire engine red berries.

The juicy, tender berries while toxic to humans are feasted upon by songbirds during the fall and into the winter months. The North American native holly can be found growing wild near swamps where the soil is acidic and damp, reaching heights from 3-16 feet. It is always a glorious sight to come upon a stand of winterberry in the midst of dark, swampy brush.

The Winterberry bush is becoming more and more popular with the home gardener due to its call to songbirds and its use in floral arrangements and seasonal window boxes.

The branches of the winterberry, once the leaves have dropped, will be harvested and much sought after at The Home Depot by customers looking for a natural, colorful display for outdoor planters and window boxes.


I name, Ilex verticillata,  Winterberry, plant of the week before it is harvested while it grows strong in the gardens and then becomes the pick of the week! In the spring, the Winterberry boasts tiny white flowers deeming this bush a four-season delight

Check your local Home Depot or Home for a native Winterberry plant, planting this native plant will bring the birds into your winter landscape, it offers its branches for floral design and window box displays, the Winterberry gives so much to all who plant it!

Think ahead, plant a Winterberry now,


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