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Planting Hostas

Hello! I want to plant some hostas in my back yard, but I need some (a lot) of assistance. What level comes before novice, because that is where I am. I live in GA, where we don't really have soil, its more of a clay type of dirt. The area where I want to plant my hostas is shaded most of the day. I need to know how to get started and what all materials I need. Any help offered is greatly appreciated. 
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Posted 2018-04-26T02:58:11+0000  by Soredd Soredd

Howdy Soredd,

If you are lucky enough to have a loamy soil type, you may not need to add any organic matter. Hostas thrive where soil is rich and well-draining. Their ideal soil pH ranges from 6.5-7.5. This is considered neutral, slightly acidic or slightly alkaline soils which are all suitable for this type of plant.



When creating a new Hosta bed in less than prime soil simply till about 6 inches of oraganic material into the existing soil. This will raise the soil which improves plants’ drainage.




Some Hostas require a constantly moist soil for optimal growth, all Hostas need a minimum of an inch of water per week, coming from rain, irrigation or watering with a hose. 


Those growing in sandy conditions can use even more water, due to increased drainage. When newly planted, water Hostas daily for the first two or three weeks.



Since slugs and snails, common pests on Hosta plants, gravitate to moist, dark areas, water only early in the day. Leaf tips that show burning or drooping leaves may be symptoms of inadequate moisture.




The shady area you mentions is great for Hostas. After about a month or two when the plant has established itself you’ll want a balanced fertilizer to make your new plants healthy and strong.




Happy Growing,

Coach Dave

Posted 2018-04-27T01:50:52+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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