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Planting around a pool??????

We just recently set up a permanent pool.  While the pool is lovely by itself, it is really kind of bare.  Are there any plants that would survive being planted within 1 ft. of the pool and survive the chemicals in the pool.   Please Help!!

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Posted 2012-05-10T16:52:08+0000  by SummerLover SummerLover

Hey Summerlover!


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Planting around a pool can be tricky because you need just the right plants. You don't want things that flower a lot, or drop their leave or needles more then once a year. Having those would mean you are constantly cleaning out your pool. Another thing is you need things that can take the chemicals you put into the pool and don't get deep roots that will crack the side.


I have come up with a few plants that I think will do good around your pool. I would stay within the shrub family. This is because shrubs can tolerate a lot more then a flower and they tend to not drop leaves and needles. Just make sure to stay away from the pines!


Some plants you could use are Arborvitae, Forsythia's, Holly's, Begonia's, Collius, Honeysuckle, and Jasmine.


I hope this helps! If you have any further questions we would be happy to help!



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Posted 2012-05-10T17:22:20+0000  by BostonianChick

 Honey suckle? Swimming pool or decorative pond?  Splashing around next to dozens of bees may seem unwise. Sweet smelling honey suckle vines can grow so quickly that it often becomes invasive. I'm not sure I'd want that constantly blooming bee attractant next to my swimming pool.

 Any in ground plants will get an occasional pool water bath. Chlorine is no good for plants. I'd reccomend using large planters for your immediate poolside. Taro (or Elephant Ear) is a fast growing bulb that would add a tropical touch. In the fall dig out the bulb, air dry it several weeks and then store it in a cool dark space for the winter.

 You might be surprised to learn that more than one variety of palm tree as well as bamboo can survive a Boston winter. If you have space in a garage, attic or basement to overwinter some large potted plants your choices widen. Not only more palm and bamboo options but even a small banana tree is possible.

 Relax and stay cool as you enjoy your new oasis this summer !

Posted 2012-05-30T09:16:26+0000  by bstevenb
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