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Planting summer bulbs

Your ad this week included instructions for planting summer bulbs.  What types of bulbs should be planted in spring or summer or fall?
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Posted 2015-04-15T16:22:05+0000  by Gardenforfuntoo Gardenforfuntoo

Greetings Gardenforfuntoo,

Great question!  Springtime planting bulbs will most times bloom during the summer season of the same year planted. Some spring planting bulbs will not survive the winter freeze of northern winters, so they have to be dug up and store (in peat moss) until the following spring to be replanted.

All the bulbs that are on sale at the Home Depot at this point are called spring planting/summer blooming bulbs. The packaging will tell of their frost hardiness, it will depend on which region of the country you are in to determine whether the bulbs need to be dug up for the winter.

A few great choices are: dahlias, gladiolas, freesia; checkout all the varieties at your local Home Depot.

Fall planting bulbs are to be planted in the autumn, for a beautiful springtime show! Tulips, daffodils hyacinths and crocus are classic fall planting/springtime blooming bulbs. These bulbs need the cold dormancy of the winter to show their true springtime colors. Most spring blooming bulbs will bloom year after year.  

Look at this info on bulbs for all seasons!  

Let us know how things are growing, and if you have any more questions!     Maureen

Posted 2015-04-16T16:26:43+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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