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Plants with Blue Flowers

There are thousands of pink, purple, red and yellow flowers. It is the blue flowers that always have people asking "what is that"? That is a great question and here is why. Plants do not produce a blue pigment, therefore blue flowering plants produce a blue flower through a manipulation of plant processes. Where some pink or red flowering plants bloom simply due to their pigments, blue flowering plants do it through manipulating factors like soil pH, manganese and naturally produced antioxidants.

Here is a list of some of the blue flowers that you will find at The Home Depot.




Hydrangea Macrophylla


null Iris Siberica Caesar's Brother Bare Root Dormant Plants (10-Pack)


Blue Daze


Delphinium, Summer Skies, , large



Balloon Flower

Morning Glory


Grape Hyacinth

Chaste Tree

Creeping Phlox


Annual Browallia

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