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Plaster Walls

Hi everyone .I've received a nice house that belonged to my grandmother ,  the walls are plaster and most have cracks under the wall paper. Working on one room at a time I'm getting rid of the paper and I'm  going to fill the cracks and get ready for paint. Most of the cracks are minor with some a little bigger. Anyway My question is that I've been told to use a good joint compound or spackling . Also to start by putting one layer of the compound on the cracks not filling them all the way  and then use Fiberglass or mesh self sticking tape to put over the cracks while the first layer is still wet,. let this cure and then add a second layer of the compound over the tape and then let it cure. Then sand it down with a sanding block and some fine Grit sandpaper or sanding screen. Does this sound right ? Also is there some kind of sealer I should put on the compound before I paint , or will the primer I'm going to use before painting do the trick? Thanks Rob

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Posted 2011-04-07T12:56:15+0000  by AshburnCreek AshburnCreek

Ah, I gotcha.


Hmm, well that does kinda scratch my catch all suggestion of urethane adhesive heh. (stuff works great!)


How about using finishing nails? The ones that you would use for putting in trim board that come with the heads already painted white. Depending on the design that's on the trim, you can either put them in manually with a hammer, or resort to using a brad nailer or staple gun. These will hold up quite well and the most that you'll have to do if you remove them all is spackle up the holes in the wall. Alot better off then having to remove all the adhesive and repair the drywall.



What do you think?

Posted 2011-04-21T19:51:56+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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