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I'm prepping a 70's room for painting. 2 walls have wallpaper and 2 are texture painted white. I'm removing the wallpaper to find unprimed drywall underneath and plaster in places (I assume it was put on to smooth it out). Once I remove all the wallpaper I'm planning on painting all 4 walls but texturing the previously wallpapered walls to match the 2 painted walls. How do I go about doing all of this? Do I need to prime the drywall, but what about the plaster? Do I need to remove it? Any help is appreciated, novice here! Thanks!

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Posted 2013-03-01T16:14:23+0000  by therhett17 therhett17

Hey there therhett17,


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Sounds like you've got quite the project ahead of you = )


What is the condition of the walls as you're pulling down the paper? Are you finding that they're still in good shape, with little to no staining? If everything is in good shape, then you can proceed by priming the areas with either an oil or latex based primer. For stain-blocking, you'll find that an oil based primer such as KILZ Original will work well for you. If you have more set-in stains that you find, then a product like Zinsser B-I-N will work great for that also. Note that these will be oil and shellac based primers respectively, so make sure to have adequate ventilation before usage. It's always recommended that you prime before painting as it will lessen the total amount of coats you will have to do to achieve your color.  

Posted 2013-03-01T17:27:12+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI




Whenever I removed wallpaper, I always primed the walls afterwards. First, try as you might, you will miss getting some of the paste residue off. The primer will help assure that the residue does not interfere with the paint coat. Secondly, in the process of getting the wallpaper off,you will probably have knicked the wall here and there, resulting in wall patches which need to be primed.


Your "bare" drywall might actually have a primer on it. There were clear pre-wallpaper primers which were often put under wallcoverings. You would know if there was a primer by how the drywall did or did not absorb water. Alsop, wallpaper hung directly over unsealed drywall is just about impossible to remove.


In any event, I would re-prime the wall before AND after texturing the bare walls. As stated, I would also prime the existing textured walls. If you are using a strong color, you might consider having the primer tinted toward the finish color of the paint. This could possibly save you an additional finish coat.


Abrief note on texturing: texture does not hide a bad drywall job. You will want to patch the walls just as if they were to be smooth wall.


Whereas the walls could be textured with spray cans, an area of this size would be better served by renting a texture spray system. The Home Depot rental departments have these self-contained units and can give you helpful tips on applying the texture.


Hope this is of assistance.

Posted 2013-03-01T17:32:46+0000  by ordjen

Thanks for the reply y'all! But what do I do about the plaster already on spots of the drywall. There are pretty long strips of it and its in places where the nails are in the drywall. Do I remove all of it or keep it? Don't really understand that part. Thanks!

Posted 2013-03-01T23:31:54+0000  by therhett17




I don't think you are looking at plaster, but rather drywall "mud" which is put on to cover the nails or screws holding down the drywall. It is often laid out in long strips to cover the row of screws or nails which are into the verticle stud. If they are smooth, just prime right over them. If they are not, they can be patched with either more drywall compound or pre-mixed spackling compound before primeing. Normally the same mud is used over both the seams and to cover nail heads and would be the same color.

Posted 2013-03-02T01:33:38+0000  by ordjen
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