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Please help!! Any advice on how to fix this door?


Hello All.


Below is a door that a friend of mine had damaged recently. Any advice on the materials and technique needed to fix the door damage? Any help would be SO, SO appreciated. Thanks in advance.









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Posted 2011-10-20T18:16:40+0000  by Lani Lani

Hello Lani, and welcome to the community!


I have had this happen to me when I used to live in a apartment many years ago. You can "fix" it several ways.


Option 1    If you're handy, replace the door. You will need to to measure exactly the size you currently & also measure the locations of the door knob hole, and the hinges. If you go to your nearest Home Depot, you then order a new door. You can transfer the knob & hinges from the dented door to the new, or you can have Home Depot install it for you.


Option 2    Repair the hole. You will some 220 grit sandpaper to sand off all the paint in & around the perimeter of the dent, once you see the wood surface stop sanding. Next you will need Durhams Rock Hard Putty to fill the dent. With your putty knife in hand, scoop out enough to fill the dent, apply the putty and run the putty knife across a few times to flatten. Follow the directions on the can for drying time, once that time has elapsed start to lightly sand the repaired area with 320 grit sandpaper, then wipe the area. If the sanded area is smooth, then its time to apply paint primer. Once the primer has dried you can then paint the repaired area, it might be better if you paint the entire door if you don't have the same color paint.


Option 3    Put a mirror on the door to hide the dent. I like this option, it's quick & easy and no one will know the door is dented.


Whatever option you choose, we are here to help you along the way.

Posted 2011-10-20T21:02:25+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

Hey Lani.


I just wanted to add something to the already great advice given from Tangelo.

Once the door it’s fixed, you may want to consider installing a door stopper so that this issue doesn’t happen again.

There are several different kinds of door stoppers; some get installed on the wall some on the bottom of the door and some on the actual hinge of the door.

Door Stop with Catch.jpgDoor stopper.jpg


Either one is going to work but for this project I would recommend one that gets installed on the hinge of the door .It is super easy to install ,all you have to do is remove the pin from one of the hinges (preferably top)  place a door stopper with the rubber end facing the door and drop the pin back in.


Once the stopper it’s installed you can adjust it so it stops the door before hitting into the adjacent one.


Hope this helps.



Posted 2011-10-25T15:11:59+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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