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Plywood thickness

What is the best thickness of pllywood to use under corrugated roofing?  I will be leaving the chip board that is presently under the shingles and putting the plywood on top of that. Keith

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Posted 2013-11-12T21:56:45+0000  by KeithHiggins KeithHiggins

Hello KeithHiggins and welcome to the community!


It really depends on the manufacture of the corrugated roofing. You should contact the manufacture and they will tell you what the proper are needed for 


Different materials that are used in the manufacturing of corrugated roofing, such as metal, fiberglass and plastic make it difficult to give you a specific answer, only the maker of the product knows the exact requirements are based on application.  


Posted 2013-11-29T17:21:57+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

Might I recommend 1/2" CDX or OSB. Make sure that your roof rafters are no more than 16" OC would be my recommendation. 

Greg Kapitan


Texas Home Exteriors 

Posted 2013-12-22T05:08:34+0000  by GregGKapitan
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