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Pocket Door

anybody had to repair pocket door? It seems to be off track inside the wall of course.

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Posted 2011-03-02T00:14:38+0000  by marydc marydc

Hello marydc,


Welcome to the Community.


Well sorry to say pocket doors are a pain. There are a couple of ways to adjust/fix the rollers on a pocket door. The easiest is to remove the door casing and either cut a small piece of the drywall out from above the jamb (small enough that the casing will still cover it) so that you can see the track and make adjustments or take one side of the casing and half of the vertical jamb off from the side that the door goes into the wall. This will allow you to tip the door out and remove it to inspect and fix the rollers.


The most common issue is the installer or manufacture used the incorrect screws to hold the rollers to the door and it has stripped out or came loose. It should have a course thread wood screw holding the roller assembly to the door.


The only other way is to cut a hole in the drywall. I normally use a 4” hole saw to make a hole in the drywall. Try and line it up with the track away from the pocket frame. You might want to use a small drill bit first so you can look into the wall and make sure that your misssing the frame. That way you can see the track and the roller assemble at the same time. Using this method makes the repair easy. You just use the same piece of drywall that you cut out to patch the hole once you fix the door.


I hope this gets your pocket door back on track. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Posted 2011-03-03T00:02:25+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Thanks so much for the advice. I was afraid we would have to call a professional for this job, but sounds like we can make it a weekend project.

Posted 2011-03-03T01:29:39+0000  by marydc

No problem at all. I'm always glad to help.


Most home improvement project are doable once you find out how to do them and then get over the fear of actually starting it. I try and encourage everybody to try it at least once and then you might surprise yourself and actually enjoy it. The gratification of a job well done goes along way. In most cases it will give you a little extra push to try the next project.


I hope your pocket door project goes well. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Posted 2011-03-04T21:48:06+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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