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Pocket door help

Hello, we recently bought a pocket door frame and did not realize the rollers did not come with it. On the label, it says to go to Home installation. I have tried every way I can to find installation instructions and can't find them. Its a Steves pocket door #515405.  I would also like to know the recomended  roller assembly for this frame. Thank you!

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Posted 2011-08-13T22:40:57+0000  by txstef txstef

Hi there and thank you for your question.


I'm sorry to hear about all of the inconvenience you went through.


All of the Steves pocket door frames that we sell in our stores come with instructions printed on the packaging. In addition they all come with hardware needed for installation including roller assembly.

Having said that the frame you bought didn’t come with any of these makes me think you've got an open package.


Please return this product to your nearest Home Depot and they will gladly exchange it. These are the instructions that you would normally find on the  packaging pox.





Posted 2011-08-16T14:03:36+0000  by George_HD_CHI

My wife and I just bought a pocket door from Home Depot.  The shelf was clearly marked that hardware was sold separately.  We purchased a Steves Door part number 514965.  We asked the store assistant where the hardware was located for the door and he very kindly took us to a display that appeared to have everything we needed.  We purchased all the recommended parts and went home for a new adventure in home remodeling.  Unfortunately, the rollers sold in Home Depot and Lowe's do not work with the door we bought.  Too late to take the door back since it is installed.  I need help with the rollers that are used for this door.  How do I get a set that really works?

Posted 2012-06-05T00:23:54+0000  by Homegnome

Hello Homegnome, welcome to the community, sorry to see your having a problem with the pocket door hardware.


I work for the Home Depot in the Door & Window department in the Chicagoland area. There are some adjustments that can be made to the roller if the door is binding or not rolling smoothly. Click on the link below, these are the instructions from Stanley, they make the hardware kit that goes with the Steves Pocket Door kit. After you have reviewed the instructions, let me know if you have questions, if you do, please post pictures of the problem you are experiencing.


There are some minor adjustments that can be made to the roller brackets to get the doors just right.

Posted 2012-06-15T16:18:35+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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