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Pocket door installation

I had read a prior blog about installing a pocket door without disturbing the drywall on the other side (I think Brandon was his name?).  I have the same issue but in looking at the recommendation versus what was actually done according to the pictures, I am having a little trouble visualizing it.  If I remove part of the 2x4's with a jig saw, isn't about an inch going to still be in place?  If so, is that acting as the thin strips the prior blogger ended up with with what looked like the use of a pocket door kit?  I can't seem to find that type of pocket door kit at my local Home Depot.  Any help would be great and I hope you can reference the prior it is.  Thanks!

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Posted 2011-05-26T03:42:10+0000  by jmp jmp

Greetings jmp and welcome to our community!


My name is Tom, known here in the community as HD116. I installed a pocket door while building out a basement in my house a few years ago in a half bath that had no room for a traditional door. It was a perfect option and if I were to build a new house I would use pocket doors for every application except entry doors.


What you are seeing in the post is not the 2x4's used for framing, as they were not "cut down" as part of the finished renovation. They were cut down for ease of removal only. The 2x4s that appear to be cut down are part of the installed pocket door frame itself. What appears to have been used is a heavier duty frame kit that features vertical framing supports reinforced with steel. This type is available on-line through our website. A link that shows it pictured follows:


Also note that a new header and jack stud was added in the preparation for the installation of the new pocket door. (The jack stud is the one that supports the header.) I hope this clarifies things for you, and as Brandon did, please post some pictures of your project through it's phases and do not hesitate to ask if further questions arise.

Posted 2011-05-26T12:29:22+0000  by HD116
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