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Pollinate your apple trees with crabapple trees

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Proper pollination will assure that your prized apple trees will give you good quality fruit year after year.  Apples require 2 different varieties of trees to cross pollinate each other. There are some things to consider when planting any fruit trees to insure great results.

Planting compatible varieties means that you have 2 or more types of trees that have similar bloom times.

Spacing is important when planting fruit trees. It is recommended that you do not plant your apple trees more than 50 feet apart. This will insure that wind alone can get the job done if there is an absence of bees or other pollinators.

Beneficial pruning opens up apple trees to sunlight and allows the redirection of nutrients to fruit production. It allows better air flow and increases disease resistance. It reduces flowering but increases the quality of the fruit.

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Pollinating apple trees with crabapple trees is common with professional apple orchards. The brilliant color flowers attract pollinators like bees and butterflies. The large canopies of the crabapple get completely covered with flowers and therefore produce far more pollen than a regular apple tree in most cases. Crabapples are also used as a backup pollinator in case there are gaps between bloom cycles due to an abnormally mild winter or late spring frost. Crabapple trees are not to be thinned out as they are used only for their pollen.

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