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Polyurethane to lacquer

I had recently  stripped my counter and sanded it down to the wood and I love the design so much I stain and lacquered it 
I was wondering if I could put polyurethane  over the lacquer  cause I'm wanting a thicker coat than layering lacquer over and over 
Thanks in advance 
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Posted 2017-08-19T23:31:44+0000  by Kkhill Kkhill
Not all urethanes are compatible with lacquer. those that aren't usually have a warning on the back label. There is still hope even if you have already used lacquer , but the urethane warns against using it over lacquer: you can spray or brush on a coat of de-waxed shellac to act as a protective barrier. De-waxed shellacs are often called "universal sealers", because they will stick to almost anything, and almost anything will stick to them. "SealCoat" is a de-waxed shellac made by the Zinsser Company. Their spray shellac in a can is also a de-waxed shellac. After the de-waxed shellac has dried, yu may procede with the urethane as normal.
Posted 2017-08-21T02:29:44+0000  by ordjen
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