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Pool paint

What is the difference between rubber base paint and water borne paint 

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Posted 2013-10-22T17:27:30+0000  by lwmiller2 lwmiller2

Hello lwmiller2!


Pool paints are not traditionally sold in the Paint Department at The Store.


Rather, we have consistently made these products available online.


Your question was, "the difference between rubber base paint and water bourne paint."


In the case of the pool paints we sell, the question should center on these two issues:

1) Is the paint designed to be submersed; and

2) Will the paint adhere to masonry material used to finish in-ground pools?


In fact, most of the paints we sell for pools are water-based.


They also can be constantly underwater and are designed to adhere to masonry pool surfaces.


Click the link to jump to an example of the pool paint we sell online.


Posted 2013-10-22T18:18:10+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

 Of the insl-X pool paints carried by Home Depot, The rubber based version is an oil paint, the water based version is an acrylic.  The rubber based version states it is suitable for salt water pools, the acrylic does not, although it does not stated that it is not.

Posted 2013-10-23T14:26:14+0000  by ordjen
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