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Popcorn Ceiling

We are remodeling an entire condo.  We have begun the process of removing the popcorn ceilings.  My husband has completed the MBR & 2 bathrooms.  The "popcorn" has been removed and the ceiling has been sanded smooth.  I know that most ceilings are finished with a light texture, but I would like a professional opinion about not texturing the ceilings and just painting them.  We have a lot of work to do in this condo and we are trying to do all of it ourselves.  Also, we have just removed layer after layer after layer of wallpaper in several of the rooms and have patched numerous areas & we are completing the prep work for painting.  These walls do not have any texture either.  Because we have so much work to do, we are trying to keep cost down.  Do you think the walls will be fine without a texture applied?  If not, do you have any idea what the cost would be to texture walls/ceilings - approximately 1,500 square feet?  Thank you.

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Posted 2011-03-01T02:44:06+0000  by pb.ax42 pb.ax42

Greetings and welcome to our community!


My name is Tom, known as HD 116 here, and I have been through the messy process of popcorn ceiling removal (as well as repair). The good news is that once you have removed the popcorn, filled any patches and sanded you can paint the ceiling without any texture at all. Builders use popcorn to save time and the additional finishing required for a ceiling (as you now know, any ceiling work is an arduous task). The look of a painted ceiling adds a richness to your home that popcorn does not allow. If you combine it with crown molding, you can really change the appearance of your condo. We now carry crown molding that is "mirrored" on both sides, and can be cut with a standard miter saw. This makes installing crown molding so easy anyone now can cut it without a compound saw and the frustration of measuring and cutting upside down.


With regard to your walls and wall paper removal, just make sure that you get all of the wallpaper paste off of the walls being repainted, as paint does not adhere to the paste well at all. Once you have prepped and sanded the walls, you can prime with oil-based primer and then paint in the color of your choice. If using a dark color you might consider using the Behr Pure Premium Ultra, which is a unique paint that combines paint and primer which covers almost every color in just two coats. Bear in mind that the more sheen you add, the more any inconsistencies in the finish will show. So stick to flat enamel (a scrubbable flat paint) or eggshell for the walls. If you feel like the repairs will still "show through" and that you do need to texture, consider this product;




It actually can be applied by brush, specialty roller, and even spray with the proper tip. The surface should be primed as stated above, and cleans with soap and water. You can control the amount of texture applied, and the cost for a 2 gallon container at is just $27.94 making it affordable.


I hope that answers your questions, and congratulations on your new home! Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.




Posted 2011-03-01T12:48:57+0000  by HD116
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