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Portable Air Conditioning Do's and Don'ts


Hello everyone,

While installing window air-conditioners are more tedious to install them than their portable counterparts, there is still a lot of considerations before using them.


Here is a short list of do's and dont's before using portable air conditioner units. I find through years of selling these units, that people fail to do simple things regarding installing them, things I'll go over in this post.





  • Find out the area needed to cool down your area. Be sure that the room you want cooled is entirely enclosed (not outdoors) and insulated so that it operate as well as possible. Once you find this out, you can determine the correct BTU size for the area, as shown below.



  • Make sure to properly place the unit in an area where it is needed the most in the room. For more information regarding finding the right BTU size for you, click here.
  • Safely place the exhaust pipe from the unit to the outside of the home. That way, the carbon dioxide emitted can safely escape the house.
  • If a window isn't provided in that area, consideration must be needed to safely plan out where the exhaust will go outdoors. Whether this is in the middle of a dwelling, the exhaust HAS to be taken outside.
  • Do consult a licensed builder/general contractor who can offer advice on-site regarding getting the exhaust safely outdoors if a great distance is needed.




  • Forget to read the instruction manual. It will have very important information regarding sizes of the exhaust and maintenance. Failure to read the instructions can lead to failure on your unit.
  • Plug it into an outlet before you are sure it won't overload the circuit that it is powering it.
  • Place the exhaust pipe into another room or area inside your home or business. The spend air (carbon dioxide) needs to escape outdoor.



Once you choose the correct unit and plan out where it will go, simply plug in and enjoy the coolness!



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Posted 2015-04-22T19:37:42+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL