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Possessed fan light combo

I was running the fan on the fan light combo, and the light was off. There is no wall switch, just the pull strings. The lights flickered on for a few minutes. I turned the fan off, and it stopped. Turning on the fan did not make the flicker reoccur. I've never had a light that was turned off flicker on before. Amy ideas? 
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Posted 2017-08-06T06:15:16+0000  by Andolina Andolina
Hello Andolina, and welcome to the Community!

It sounds like you have a loose blue wire that connects the fan/light to the power. Turn off the electrical circuit breaker to that fixture, and take down the light kit and check the wires to make sure there is a wire nut and its on tight, and also check all connections and make sure those are also tight. You can also change the bulb, that can also cause the flickering. If after turning the power back on if the problem persist, then I suggest replacing the fan/light combo. 

Posted 2017-08-10T12:55:04+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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