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What should I use if I want to secure 2x4's to concrete?

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Posted 2012-11-29T02:19:09+0000  by shelliewilliams shelliewilliams

Hello shelliewilliams, and welcome to the community!


Anchoring into concrete is fairly easy process and there are several ways to attach a 2x4 to concrete, I can suggest 2 types of anchors. 


Below is a step by step on how to use a Wedge Anchor from Red Head. It is strongly recommended that you use a masonry drill or hammer drill, this will make you life so much easier when drilling those holes. 

wedge anchor.jpg


tru_prod2g.jpg (5011 bytes)

1.  Select a carbide drill bit with a diameter equal to the anchor diameter. Drill hole to any depth exceeding the desired embedment.
tru_prod2h.jpg (5122 bytes)2.  Clean hole or continue drilling additional depth to accommodate drill fines.
tru_prod2i.jpg (5446 bytes)3. Assemble washer and nut, leaving nut flush with end of anchor to protect threads. Drive anchor through material to be fastened until washer is flush to surface of material.
tru_prod2i.jpg (5446 bytes)

4. Expand anchor by tightening nut 3-5 turns past the hand tight position, or to the specified torque requirement.



The second option is using a Ramset TriggerShot Powder Actuated Tool, this device fires a nail through the wood and into the concrete, it's a very quick way of anchoring the 2x4 to the concrete surface but you must make sure you are protecting your eyes and ears while you are using any type of power tool, especially ones that fire a nails. Check out the video below, the Ramset tools come in a variety of types for different jobs, are possibly available for rental at your Home Depot. 




Posted 2012-11-29T17:15:31+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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