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Precious Metals Glaze for black?

Trying to put some pizaz into a black stripe going on a bright orange wall in my son's room. Lower walls in the room have the precious metals silver underneath the black stripe with the orange on top.

Wondering if there is a glaze that can go on the black stripe to give it some texture, sparkle or shine. Tried the glitter glaze but it dried with a white-ish overlay.

Any thoughts or ideas?
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Posted 2012-12-15T22:40:09+0000  by dashwort dashwort




The Precious Metals could be rolled over the black to add some "pizass". Straight Precious Metals might be too opague, but it can be thinned with faux glaze until  the desired transparency is found. Most paints when being thinned for glazing are mixed at a ratio of 1 part paint to 4 parts faux glaze. I would suggest you make a sample board and experiment until you get the desired result.


Hope this is useful

Posted 2012-12-16T03:34:47+0000  by ordjen

Hello Dashwort!


Paints thinned with glaze tend to be see-through ... this is the intent of glaze, to provide just a hint of color.


What you need is a thicker paint that will make a heavy bead of silver to go with the color below the black stripe.


Try Martha's Craft Paints. In particular, you might consider Polished Silver Metallic Paint.

Do not thin or add glaze. Simply open the half-pint container and apply directly onto the black stripe.


APPLICATION: If your hand is steady, you could freehand with an art brush. However, you could also use 3M Delicate Tape with Edge-Lock ... tape to create an upper and lower boundary for your accent stripe and then simply brush Polished Silver Metallic Paint over the open space between. Edge-Lock helps create a perfectly straight line with no bleed.

3M Delicate Tape with Edge-Lock.jpgIf you want real accent, paint two stripes ... one thin and one bold! 

This technique will provide a thicker coat that should cover in one or two coats.


PERSONAL NOTE: In my faux classes, I've demonstrated this exact color combination ... Black base and silver stripe. The combination was so breathtaking that I got more comments about this sample than any of the more traditional "neutral" samples.


If I were inclined to paint my cabinets black, I would certainly consider adding Polished Silver Metallic (full-strength) to create a daring, bold accent!


Now go have fun!!!


Oh yes, don't forget to post a photo.


Posted 2012-12-18T20:38:35+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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