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Premade porch roof columns are too short!

I need to install two porch roof columns that will be anchored into a concrete slab porch. Currently there are 2x4's with braces supporting the porch roof. These will be completely removed.


I want to use some premade aluminum column wraps I've seen in the store, but they are only 8ft long and my porch is taller by about 6 inches. I will most likely use a 4x4 post for support and wrap them with the aluminum post wraps found in stock. Under normal circumstances this seems fairly simple to do, but the 6 inch difference in height is causing me some headache.


I read one comment about how you should build down from the porch roof to bring it down to column height. This is something I don't mind doing but would much rather explore options. Which brings me to my questions...


Is it possible to achieve the same height by building a concrete footing that sits on top of the current slab porch in order to "build up" to column height. If so, will I be stuck with an ugly concrete footing sitting under my beautiful new column? I've seen some comments about people doing it this way, but I have not seen pictures of the finished product. Would stone veneers be practical for covering up the concrete footing seeing as how it will only be 6 inches tall max? Also, will the new proposed concrete footings bond to the existing porch slab or will I have an issue with them sliding around?







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Posted 2012-11-19T21:56:23+0000  by Daniel29-95 Daniel29-95




Hi Daniel,


I would not advise building a 6" tall footing on top of the existing slab. New concrete will eventually break away from the existing and you'll end with the same set of issues on your hands.


Correct way to do something like this would be by notching (cutting) out a portion of the slab and poring a new concrete footing independently and if applicable (location) bellow the frost line.


You've mentioned that you plan on anchoring the new columns and new supporting 4x4's to the existing slab...


That is also not advisable... concrete slabs are not structural, they are designed to float and "work" with the soil movements. Attaching columns to the slab will put a stress on your porch roof... in other words once anchored roof will move with the slab.


Concrete footings for structural columns are pretty much standard code requirement through the country.


Will a stone veneer be practical or look good being only 6" tall? No not really IMO but 24"inches would.

This said if you decide on poring new footing, you may want to consider framing square(8"x8") forms about 16-24" of the ground and have new concrete wrapped with  stone veneer.


If you're set on anchoring it to the slab ,than IMO, your best option would be building down from the existing roof to column height or simply ordering a custom column from the manufacturer.


Hope this helps and please post back with any further questions you may have.








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