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Prep for Exterior Painting Now! ... Repair Damaged Trim

Although winter is not a good time to apply most exterior paints, you can prepare for exterior painting by repairing damage that will require painting when the weather permits ... a few weeks from now.


It is common to find trim and casing damage in locations where materials change ... like where the casing and trim of the garage door meets the concrete driveway.


Damage occurs because moisture clings between the two materials and causes the wood to decay.




When the damage is caused by water, it usually looks like the image above ... only the lower end of the casing and trim need to be replaced. Many DIYers hesitate to do this repair, because they are unsure whether they will damage the door in the process. Threshold repairs fit into the same category.


Rest assured that with the right tool, this is a relatively simple repair. The Dremel Multi-Max is exactly the kind of tool that will make this repair easy.


Begin by inspecting the existing casing and trim to locate a point above the damage where a horizontal cut will leave only fresh, undamaged wood. Usually, you will see the nails (as in the photo above) used to anchor the existing pieces into the framing boards. Mark a horizontal line above the nail and use your Multi-Max to cut away the damaged casing and trim.


Be cautious to cut down to the framing boards, but not into them.


Keep samples of the pieces you remove and take them to the store so you can purchase matching replacement pieces.


When available, I recommend the extruded plastic trim for this repair. It looks just like the wood trim, is primed and ready for paint (when weather permits), and it will never decay.


Remove the nails and old caulk from the repair area, test fit the replacement pieces before installing, and then use a combination of wood filler, and paintable caulk to complete the installation.


When you get that first break in the weather, apply two coats of Behr Ultra Exterior in the sheen that matches your existing trim (flat, satin, or semi-gloss). Ultra can be applied at a "surface temperature" of 35-degrees Fahrenheit.


Follow your local forecast and make certain you will have 5-6 hours drying time above that temperature.


Get the prep out of the way now!


Then, you can get that painting done quickly and spend your sunshine days on the golf course or fishing at the lake.


After the winter we're having, I'm hoping the first break in the weather gets here sooner than we think!

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Posted 2011-02-03T15:34:31+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL Pat_HD_ATL