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Preparing wall for painting

Our bathrooms have the colored 4 x 4 tiles on the wall from the 50s. We are considering removing them as many have fallen off already.  Under the tiles is thick hardened glue on the wall. What tool would be best for removing it so we can paint? Thanks!

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Posted 2012-03-19T15:20:25+0000  by terri21234 terri21234

Hi Terri   Welcome to the community!


   If the tiles are from the “50’s” and they don’t appear to be made of porcelain – then you need to consider that they could have asbestos as a base material.  If that is the case then you will have to take extra precautions in removing them.  Contact a professional abatement company for proper removal.


   If they are made of porcelain and just “pop” off then the glue may just be the mortar used to install them on the wall, and not glue at all.  Simply use a scraper type putty knife to chip off whatever you can.  You may want to coat over the rough areas with drywall compound and sand smooth for paint.


   If however, you think that it’s actual “glue” holding up the tiles on the wall…then I would gently scrape with a stiff putty knife whatever amount you can remove.  Prime over any amount that might remain using an oil based primer like KILZ or COVERSTAIN, patch with compound, and sand.


                                images (18).jpg                      Zinsser CoverStain.jpg


For painting a bathroom – try using the BEHR ULTRA paint that resists mildew and moisture.


                                                                       Behr Ultra Satin.jpg

Hope this helps.


Posted 2012-03-19T17:08:05+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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