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Price Match + 10% Guarantee

Your guarantee on price match plus 10% is very miss leading.  I was told I could not get the discount of 10% that you advertise since the appliances are no in your store.  (Even though I actually placed my hand on both in the store but the response was well those are floor models.  You do not stock appliances onsite but you contract a company to stock and ship them (technically the location you store them is an extension of your store.  So why offer a policy that does not apply due to clever maneuvering and wording.  This is very deceptive.  You have lost a customer over a 10% discount you claim to provide.

Additionally I find it appalling that you do not extend the military discount to appliances.  Again if you offer the discount it should be applied in a way to benefit the consumer. 

Lowes does not exclude appliances and Menards is opening in my neighborhood.

Sad but really why should I shop at Home Depot?
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Posted 2018-05-17T18:31:56+0000  by ahv1 ahv1