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Primer Not Drying

I wanted to paint the tops of an old bureau and night stand. I sanded it with 220 and then primed it with behr oil based primer. It has now been about 52 hours and it is still very sticky, no way ready to paint over it. Is this normal? Will this ever dry or should I try scraping it off? Any help would be appreciated.
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Posted 2013-03-24T12:31:10+0000  by Celesteron Celesteron

If other areas are dry and only the top is still "tacky" - then the issue is possibly caused by some substance or film being on top before you painted.  Another possibility is that the coat is too thick or the area where you are painting is too cold.


Get some heat and moving air on it and it should dry in an hour or so. Please let us know if it is still not dry after trying all this.

Posted 2013-03-24T14:20:03+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
Actually it's only the top that I am painting. Another blog said that the oil based primer remains tacky, is that true?
Posted 2013-03-24T14:55:38+0000  by Celesteron

Has this piece been sitting out in a cool, damp garage? Cool and damp dramatically slow down drying times of oil paints. If so, try moving it to a warmer environment or out to where the sun can directly shine on the surface.

Posted 2013-03-26T06:30:37+0000  by ordjen
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