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Priming to paint a dark color on a light/medium light wall

Hi everyone!


Do I need to prime a beige colored wall if I am going to be painting in a very dark navy blue? If so, do I need to use tinted primer, and what color should it be tinted to?


Thanks for your help everyone! Buying my first home and looking forward to making improvements.



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Posted 2013-01-11T19:55:40+0000  by laurakoellepyle laurakoellepyle




To affect a dramatic color change as you are contemplating, you will certainly have to do two coats. This may be a tinted dedicated primer followed by the finish coat, or, you may use one of the new self-priming paints such as Behr Ultra  or Glidden DUO.


A prime coat will greatly enhance the final look of your new paint. A prime coat assures adhesion to slick walls, seals dry,porous walls,  aids  in sealing in stains,  and finally, assures that the new color covers perfectly with no uneveness of sheen.


When your Home Depot paint associate inputs your selected color into the computer, the computer will flag whether a tinted prime coat is neccessary and give a formula to do so.


Behr also indicates on the color sample card that a tinted primer is neccessary by the use of a small dagger symbol behind the color name. If such a symbol is present, a minimum of two coats and possibly more will be neccessary.


Behr and Glidden have different ways of handling these dark colors: Behr shoots a partial formula into a white primer. Glidden will shoot lamp black into its gray Gripper primer. Behr maintians that a truer color rendition is obtained by its meathod. Glidden maintains a faster coverage is realized by its meathod.. It is always a good idea to follow the manufacturer's instructions!


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-01-13T04:44:59+0000  by ordjen
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