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Privacy Hedge - Evergreen Wanted- Perhaps a Privet Shrub?

I am far from one that has a green thumb. However, I love evergreen hedges and want some to go around my trash bins in my back lawn. I want something that doesn't get too large but gets more wide than tall. I have been told to plant privet hedges. But there's a catch, Too many varieties and most have the same widths, sizes, and heights. Can someone tell me which one of these would work best in the Nashville Tennessee area? Zone7.

Also, I've put an image of my lawn also for you to see.

Betty Satterfield, Nasvhille Tn (Brentwood)
Image result for back yard

Here are the ones I've found that would work well in my zone. Please tell me, I am lost :)

Golden Privet Hedge- Found this local
Northern Privet Hedge- This I found in Ga Zone
California Privet Hedge- Love this one most but it says California and that's out west
Common Ligustrum - Is this the type that grows wild? They are spindley here
Non Evergreen Type - Looks like this is cheap but will it grow wide?

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Posted 2017-10-14T19:18:27+0000  by Tammt Tammt
Hey Tammt.

Are you sure that you are Zone 7? How long have those palms been planted?

Evergreen does not mean that the leaves have to be green. They just have to not fall off the plant in the winter. I think your yard could use a splash of purple. Purple Diamond Loropetalum would be a great plant for this. It is cold hardy in zone 7 and certainly more cold hardy than those palm trees should be.

Around pools and sitting areas I would also recommend gardenias. They are beautiful evergreens that have such a great fragrance when they get covered in flowers in the summer time. Pinwheel Gardenia is a good option. It gets 3 to 4 foot tall. If you need something taller then you might be better off with August Beauty Gardenia.

I am not a fan of the Ligustrum. They either get too big, grow out of control or their root suckers get out of control. Not to mention, the dispersal of berries will have baby plants coming up where you don't want them.

I might even incorporate a few ornamental grasses like maiden grass against that wall also.

Posted 2017-10-15T13:40:43+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Plant of the Week: Privet

Common privet “ligustrum vulgare” is a perfect shrub for a hedge, a division between properties and a privacy barrier.

Privet is common in the northeast, privet hedge delineated yards and driveways throughout the Boston area. I remember, as a kid, the sound of the electric hedge trimmers buzzing in the neighborhood all the time; the smooth, evenness of the hedges is a total art and it took quite a bit of time to trim the hedges just right, some neighbors used ladders to accomplish the task.

Privet is fast growing, it is semi-evergreen in this region, it holds its leaves until the dead of the winter and then starts very early spring with new growth. The branching is dense, so even when it has defoliated it still creates a great barrier. Privet is salt tolerant it preforms great by the ocean and also on a city street, where the salt trucks frequent during the cold, snowy months.

Privet can grow 4-15 feet tall, and 4-8 feet wide, if allowed to flower they have small clusters of fragment white blooms that look beautiful against the dense, deep-dark-green of the privet leaves.Privet is not fussy about soil, it will grow in sandy or dense soil structure, and will grow in the sun or the shade.

I recently saw massive privet hedges in Newport, Rhode Island. The hedges were borders at the great mansions that dot the coastline on the cliff walk in Newport, the towering shrubs were very impressive!

If you are thinking of planting a living wall, or a thriving fence consider privet, stop by your local Home Depot, speak with the garden specialist for the availability of privet in your region.    Maureen 

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Posted 2016-09-27T13:40:24-0400  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS
Yes, privet is also very common here in the Midwest.

If given sunshine, it is one of the most hardy plants you could own.
Dry weather or wet, fertilizer or not, sandy soil or clay, they just don't seem to care.

I do have to prune mine twice as often as my evergreen shrubs though.
Just a great privacy hedge!



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Posted 2016-09-27T15:42:36-0400  by Chris_HD_CHI 
Image result for eisenhower summer home newport ri

Greetings Chris,

The top image of my post shows the privet hedge that surrounds the historic Eisenhower Summer White House, in Newport, RI. The above picture is a current photo of the mansard beauty; when President Eisenhower summered here the privet hedge, I was told, was so high you could not see the house at all.

Another great feature of the privet is that it can be wacked, a drastic cut back, and it will come back stronger!  This beautiful house can be seen from far and wide now because the privet is all short and manicured at about 3 feet, the same bushes once stood at 18 feet high! Great shrub... the privet!


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Posted 2017-10-17T16:28:11+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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