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Pro Desk deck design problem/question

I had the pro desk design a floating deck for me.  the plans say it will be 8" high which is what i want.  the problem is, it is calling for 2x16 joists, and a 4x6 beam.  something isnt adding up for me.  first off, how can it be an 8" high deck when the joists are 2x12. and second, how would I attach a 2x12 rim joist to a 4x6 beam?  thanks, im new.
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Posted 2018-06-10T03:25:05+0000  by DAVEG DAVEG
Hello DaveG and welcome to the Community.

Something does not sound right.  First you said it called for 2x16 joist and that is not a standard size board,  then you refer to 2x12" joist and rim joist.

I have worked with the Home Depot Big Hammer Deck Design program.  The program requires that a deck height be inserted in the calculations along with all the other parameters.

I would suggest going back and reviewing your design with that pro associate to make sure all the necessary information was put into the program.

Thanks for the inquiry.

Posted 2018-06-12T14:31:40+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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