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Problems After Removing Wallpaper

I removed wallpaper from my bathroom wall and found mold in some places. What is the best way to remediate this before painting? Also it looks like the wallpaper was applied directly to the dry wall. What is the best way to paint it without the risk of the paint bubbling up or flaking?
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Posted 2017-09-02T07:07:30+0000  by dbarr913 dbarr913
Hey dbarr913.

If the integrity of the drywall is still intact then you need to peel all the wall paper off the walls that you can. If there are any dogeared pieces then you will need to remove them.  Once you have done this then you will need to sand the walls with a semi low grit sandpaper to give the wall a consistent texture. Once you have peeled the paper off and sanded it, spray wall with Concrobium and let it dry. Next, you will want to apply a sealer/primer like KILZ Original to the wall. After the KILZ dries then you are ready to paint. I would recommend the Behr Ultra or the Behr Marquee, as these paints usually only require 1 coat.

Posted 2017-09-03T18:07:10+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
My guess is that if you managed to pull the paper from the wall without damaging the drywall paper, there is actually some type of sealer on the wall already. There are many types of clear pre-wallapering  sealers on the market. You can test for presence of these  by simply wetting your hand and placing it on the wall. If the water immediately gets sucked into the wall, you don't have a sealer. If the water remains on the surface, you can wash the paste off wall  as if a coat of paint were on the wall.  Simple clorine bleach will immediately kill the active mold. When clean, a general wall primer such as Kilz 2 can be used followed by a premium wall paint such as Behr's Ultra or Marquee.

If the above is not the case, as to a clear sealer being present, follow the instructions by Ingur given in the previous post.
Posted 2017-09-04T05:14:42+0000  by ordjen
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