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Problems applying primer

I'm using a latex Kilz primer to paint interior rooms and am experiencing uneven, thick patches with inconsistent drying when applying.  I am an experienced painter and have never seen this happen before.  I am painting during high heat and humidity (though in AC inside) but still am confused.  Does anyone have advice??

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Posted 2012-07-06T21:21:29+0000  by Gwk3u Gwk3u

   Latex products are essentially water based and will react to certain materials on the surface of the wall.  The most common culprits are glue residue from wallpaper removal and hair-spray.  Both are not very visible but will break down and reactivate when moisture is added (like paint). 


Once dry - the primer may do fine in sealing the problem in.  If you experience any additional trouble with the surface - then prime again with oil based primer to seal the surface. This product will not reactivate whatever is on the existing surface.


Hope this helps.


Posted 2012-07-09T14:15:39+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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