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Problems with Hampton Bay Covington Fans

Moved into a house that has 3 Hampton Bay Covington Fans.  Even though the product information says they have a forward and reverse function I cannot get it to work on any of the fans.  I've followed the instructions which says not to wait for the fan to stop to press the reverse button because the fan will not reverse if the fan is not moving.  I called the support line and talked with the King of Fans support people who said it was the capacitor and I bought 3 of them for $57.  We installed the new capacitor in one fan and it still doesn't work.  I called support again and they sent me a new receiver.  We installed that and the forward/reverse still doesn't work.  It doesn't work with two different types of remote controls that have the forward/reverse function (the white rectangular one or the sleeker silver one).  In order to get a refund for the capacitors I bought not only do I have to return all the new capacitors and the new receiver which means spending the time to replace them with the originals.

This is extremely frustrating and I'm not happy at all with their support or customer service.

Does anyone have any ideas on what's wrong or how to make the forward/reverse function work on this Covington fan?  Thanks.
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Posted 2018-10-05T22:49:38+0000  by klm klm
It sounds like you have replaced all the appropriate parts but who knows if there's more electronics buried somewhere. I suppose it is possible that one of the replacement parts was also defective.  Have you thought about a new remote?  I understand you have two but maybe they're both bad???

This is one of the reasons I so dislike remote controlled fans.  I'll stick with a wall control designed to last decades and a simple switch on the side of the fan to reverse it.
Posted 2018-10-10T22:05:04+0000  by Adam444
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