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Problems with Pegaus Shower

Five years ago I bought a foreclosed condo and with it came a shower that only gives warm to scalding hot water - no cold. The handle has a temperature gauge intended to set at "the perfect temperature" and leave. However, this gauge does not go lower than the "120" setting - it gets stuck and will not budge. 

I do not have the model number and have no way of getting it. 

The markings on the cover plate are:
ASME A112, 18:1
ASSE 10167 or ASSE 1016t

I am actually looking to replace the entire shower/handle/faucet as it is old and grimy looking. I understand that the wall valves are not compatible from one to the next. I am trying to figure out if I can replace the fixtures with a new system without needing to change the inner valve. 

If that's not possible I need to figure out how to fix the fixtures I currently have and the parts I would need to do that.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Posted 2016-12-30T19:59:57+0000  by Jlaburre Jlaburre
You have hard water, right?  It's not an uncommon problem for things to "freeze up," especially if they aren't use frequently.  I'm assuming that the shower valve uses some kind of cartridge that probably needs to come from the manufacturer or you could try a plumbing supply house.  If I recall correctly, Pegasus is an Italian company with a fairly small presence in the U.S.  Hopefully one of the Home Depot associates will have a contact number.  You could also take the valve apart, which you'll have to do anyway, and see if you can find a matching part on any of the online vendors that sell faucet parts.

Not that it's your fault, but this is one of the drawbacks to these "fancy" plumbing fixtures, parts are often difficult to find.  Now if it was a Moen valve, you could find parts in almost any hardware store.  Something to think about if you end up replacing it.
Posted 2016-12-30T20:43:14+0000  by Adam444
I have contacted Pegasus and they said they cannot help with without the model number which is on the owner's manual that I did not receive with the foreclosure. 

So...the fact that the knob for controlling the water temperature is stuck has to do with the cartridge needing to be replaced because of hard water? Am I reading that correctly?

And yes if it were up to me I would upgrade do a different brand in a heart beat. However, I am trying to save myself from having the tear out the valve which may involve tearing up the tilework/sheetrock etc. 

Posted 2017-01-07T03:17:38+0000  by Jlaburre
I have the same model and am looking for replacement parts. The Model is Series K300 . 161 263P. Email me at rho900 at google mail dot com and I will send you a copy of the manual.

Posted 2017-06-20T02:16:38+0000  by rho900
I have this same model (K300 161 263 P).   I just found out that Paini (the original manufacturer) now has a retrofit kit available for these units.  It replaces the cartridge with a completely redesigned one that just uses a single handle.  The kit includes the cartridge, brass locking nut, decorative cap, and new handle.  The temperature sleeve is eliminated.  You now control flow by tilting the handle towards/away from you and temperature by twisting left to right.  You need to contact Paini directly.  Check their website ( for contact info.
Posted 2020-01-03T07:05:36+0000  by Bueller
It is great that Paini has a retrofit kit that replaces the old Pegasus K300 161.263p model.  I wonder if you could tell me the model number available from Paini?  Also, I am having trouble to remove the cap after I unscrewed the lever handle.   Can someone help, please. Thank you.
Posted 2020-02-26T01:30:19+0000  by Kun
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