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Problems with natural scorching hot water well, recommended system components and diagram?

My home has a bad plumbing system: The well water comes out of the ground naturally scorching hot, no cold water at all comes to house, the water constantly clogs all plumbing valves and irrigation drip system emitters with some form of brown algae and heavy white mineral deposits on faucets, water smells like rotten egg, water filters get clogged up in a day or less, submersible pump goes bad every 2-3 yrs. There is no soft water tank, cold water tank, ionization, or water filter on the existing system. My existing system has submersible pump and bladder tank, with only very hot water feeding the home and drip system. What system components would you recommend, can you send a diagram of recommended system, is there a self cleaning water sediment filter, is there a submersible pump specifically for very hot well water, and how would you solve not having cold water issue, do you supply and sell component parts to fix my bad system? 

thanks, Chris Redwine

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Posted 2015-08-05T01:34:54+0000  by oldtileguy oldtileguy
Hi Chris,

Wow what a problem, I get the impression your well was tapped into a underground hot spring. I think at this point the best solution would be to drill a new well on the opposite side of the property and in essence start over with your water supply. The equipment and filtration system need to cleanup your well water would be prohibitively costly.

I would consult with a local geologist and water well driller to determine your best course of action.

Posted 2015-08-06T17:55:45+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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