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Problems with washer installed

We rent a house that was built in the 1930's and it does not have a washer and dryer hook ups. We decided to set up the washer and dryer outside. We connected the hot water line to the water heater and the cold water to an outside garden hose.


We seem to have a problem with the washer filling up and keeping the water.  We know it's not the washer (we have two washers and they both worked at our last home).  Any ideas as to why we are having this problem. Is it an issue of being hooked up to the garden hose, directly connected to the hot water heater, or ????

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Posted 2011-02-14T18:50:01+0000  by newbiediy newbiediy

hey Newbiediy, It sounds like there may be a few different issues playing here. 


Firstly I'll say that washers and dryers shouldn't be installed outside as exposure to the elements will mean a short service life. I would also have some concerns about your safety, with regards to electrical grounding issues. Not to mention that this would not be installed up to code and could cause financial liability issues for you. 


I would also like to add that garden hoses are not designed to hold your homes water pressure, you will notice that a supply line for a washing machine is much more heavily reinforced than a garden hose, this is because the hose is subjected to the full pressure of your water supply 24/7. A garden hose will spring a leak over time if used in this application. 


As far as your concerns go, I have a feeling that the problem you are having is coming from the discharge hose. The discharge hose should go into a drain that is higher than the maximum fill level of the tub to avoid a siphon effect, which would just let all of the water drain out of the tub even without the drain pump being on. The water pressure from the hot water heater and garden hose can be easily measured using a water pressure tester available at any hardware store, but I doubt that is your issue. 


Again I do not recommend that you hook up your washer and dryer outside in the first place. 


I hope this helps Newbiediy please let me know if you would like clarification on anything. 





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Posted 2011-02-14T19:12:08+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

Hi Blake. Thanks for the advice and concerns. We did have the discharge hose connected directly to a drain pipe on the floor.  This is a temporary situation and hope to have a permanent solution in a couple of weeks. Thanks again.

Posted 2011-02-14T20:22:21+0000  by newbiediy

Hey NewbieDiy, I had a feeling this was a temporary solution. For right now you can loop the hose at top of the washing machine and then send it down into the drain. This will work temporarily, however a drain into a utility sink or dedicated drain line would be better. 


Again if you have any more questions or concerns you know where to find me! :smileyvery-happy:



Posted 2011-02-14T20:40:08+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy
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